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Greeting Cards by Dario Fisher

High quality reproduction greeting card prints of illustrations by Dario Fisher, on a nature & ocean theme. For lovers of whales, dolphins & sea dwelling animals.

My greeting card shop features a range of designs from Humpback Whales and Ocas, travel scenes of San Francisco and Norway and also wild scenes from my home in the UK of foxes, hares and birds.

My love of nature presents itself as a common theme of my work, where I try to capture the wonder, scale and adventure in stylised illustrations, heavily influenced by traditional print making techniques, Japanese woodblock prints and drawings.

Muted blue tones set a calming mood, even in scenes of stormy seas and huge breaching whales. By combining natural textures and watercolour washes with digital techniques, these prints look great at small or large scale.

Each card is produced using modern digital print techniques on a 300 card, digitally creased for ease of folding and supplied with a brown craft envelope. Sizes available A6 and A5.

Shipped (when possible) in a plastic-free packaging option, either a safe and sturdy card backed envelope or C4 box. Uk orders are shipped within 3 working days, on a Royal Mail first class as standard. International orders welcome – delivery time for EU, and USA is within 7 – 30 days.

I am also available for commissions, and happy to discuss any bespoke print and sizing requirements you may have. Some cards can be made to order, so can be customised to your exact specific measurements. Please get in touch via

Greeting Cards by Dario Fisher

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